Internal Quality Assurance Unit
Main objective of

Western Balkans University

defined in the institution's vision and mission for a transformative impact on society through continuous innovation in the field of education, scientific research, creativity and entrepreneurship, investing in the preparation of the future professionals prepared for the international labor market, to be an internationally recognized university in the field of scientific research and innovation, with the main goal of continuous improvement of a better life.


IQAU consists of 5 members, of which 3 are representatives of the academic staff of the main units, one for each faculty, 1 representative of the Student Council and 1 expert external.


Activity Plan

Improving quality assurance in a university involves a multifaceted approach with various areas of focus, specific objectives, activities, and instruments to measure and enhance quality.


Quality Instruments

The periodic evaluation of the quality results works within the framework of quality development and improvement activities, with the goal of institutionalizing the culture of quality at Western Balkans University.


Annual Activity Plan

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  • Accreditation and Compliance
  • Academic Programs and Curriculum
  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Faculty Development
  • Student Assessment
  • Support Services